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"It's time to get to know Vajra."
-Chad Childers, Loudwire

"Must-See Act...Vajra" 
-Rolling Stone Magazine

"Vajra is really something special and have managed come up with a completely new sound of metal. They bring mystical, moody and haunting melodies to the stage that are completely entrancing. Lead singer Annamaria Pinna’s voice and presence was captivating."
-Kim Allegrezza, AXS

"Vajra marries the sound of eastern India with the abrasive, melodic infrastructure of progressive rock.... [Their] live show is like a cathartic punch in the face."
- Greg Mania, Creem Magazine

"Most underrated bands... one to watch and hear"
-Patricia Jones, AXS

"Thank you for sending Vajra our way. They were incredible. Absolutely incredible!"
-Frank Pain, KEYJ

"Sinister, sprawling and stately, featuring booming, tribal drums, ominous synths and lucent, spiraling guitars... what further sets them apart is the East Indian mysticism that pervades thanks to Pinna's hypnotic, Classical Hindustani-tinged singing..."
- Mark Suppanz, The Big Takeover Magazine

"A singular entity, a very special experience who deserve to be playing big festivals to thousands."
-Metal Riot

" innovative nexus of melodic prog, world beat and hypnotic eastern vibes, delivered with dramatic panache."
-Nick Tate, Progression Magazine

"There is a definite connection between the members. Watching their live performances, it appears they have developed a bond by way of symbiosis usually associated with veteran acts. They play with cohesion and synergy, reminiscent of TOOL at Lollapalooza. They really are that good."
-Rockwired Magazine

"...Pleroma has it all: drama, emotion, moving power ballads, captivating lyrics and catchy rocks songs with just enough dark edge and pop hooks to ensnare new fans..."
-Rick Jamm, Jamsphere Indie Music Magazine

"I own a small rock station in Southwest Oklahoma and we play the shit outta "Blind". I LOVE IT. That middle-eastern flavor mixed into rock is friggen' amazing!"
-Snarl Greywolf, KHOWL 98.7

"Ritualistic sounding drumbeats and washes of big emo guitar accompanied by some sexy slinky eastern sounds to boot, bringing about moments of closed eyed transportation to other places... " "... These darkened lullabies, strained fairy tales and beautiful gloomy love songs that may sometimes remind one of TOOL's more "tender" moments have a distinct way of creeping under the skin and sticking in the memory banks."
-Nathan Pike, All Whats Rock

"... progressive rock has rarely sounded so mesmerizing... the divine and the spiritual 'Pleroma' is defined as a 'spiritual dwelling' and fittingly. Vajra's record transports you there and makes you feel as if you never are to return."
-Daniel Davidson-Amadi, Music-News

"Vajra's brand of progressive rock is unique and powerful... .the space rock atmospheres are awesome. This is more or less a combination of Tool, space rock, modern progressive rock and bits of world and tribal sounds... It's a powerful disc that entertains... " "'Inside the Flame'... is a cool ride." "'Blind'... With a rubbery rhythm section, this is a killer tune... a really awesome piece of music."
-G.W. Hill, Music Street Journal

"... 'Pleroma is quite glorious. Its soundscape is a perpetual emotion generating journey of expression, reflection, and investigation. At times it is a shadowed meditation and in others a towering fire of spiritual might which flames with burning passion. It is extraordinary and wholly delicious. The last line of their bio states 'Vajra's music will leave you spellbound.' Hell, Yeah!" "The album simply blew everything imagined away. It is aural majesty, a beautifully crafted and emotively driven piece of wonder... It is aural majesty... " "... Vajra [is] there at the fore with their stunning introduction to the world."

"Vajra's instrumentals do an incredible job of delivering a soundscape that projects Pinna's fascination with eastern music... Essentially, the band's instruments paint the picture as Pinna tells the story." "Everything about this album is fresh and exciting. I live to experience music of this caliber."
-Trystan MacDonald, Lithium Magazine

"'Pleroma' has garnered critical acclaim, extensive college radio airplay, and licensing deals with major US cable television channels. Clearly this record has built a storm of excitement since its release in June. I understand why----because 'Pleroma' has left me spellbound too." "... 'Inside the Flame'... [the incantation epitomizes Vajra's sound with smoldering arrangements, chanted refrains, and layered rhythms. The lyrics hint at the seduction and danger of the enigmatic 'Pray for your existence/Keep your distance/Meet you inside that flame.' It's as though Pinna's inviting you to fully experience 'Pleroma' while warning you of its enchantment." 'Pleroma'is a snakecharmer..."
-Sara Letourneau, Sonic Cathedral

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